Kitten 24905 (Cricket) is available for adoption

Orange w/white
8 months old

Uncomplicated Cricket is such an easy-going guy - romping and rowdying with his brothers one minute, and then marching right up for some head bonks and love the next! Even his attire is the most classic orange striped casual wear, soft, comfy, and easy-care for whatever the day brings! A sugar-dusted face, with russet racing stripes highlighting his fuzzy cheeks, and an irresistibly  impish smile round out his sunny good looks! He has two high-spirited brothers who join him in an endless string of races, wrestling matches, and comical explorations and think every toy is the very best toy. When the hijinks wind down, or just when the mood strikes his happy little heart, this sweetie brings on the cheek rubs and head bonks in trade for being hugged and loved on! He’s a perfect blend of fun and affection and will be an iconic orange joy in a forever home that adores him. Could Cricket be the great boy to hop right into the circle of your love?

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