Oliver has been adopted!


No sliding or crinkling sheet of packing paper or empty cardboard box escapes bouncy orange Oliver’s quest for fun! He was rescued all alone and has been blending in well with his foster home’s rambunctious band of kittens. If there’s a toy to bat and chase, a box to pop out of, a nook or cranny to explore, or an adventure to gallop along on, this handsome, happy little guy will be a part of the action! He isn’t a bit needy and will slow down for ear scratches and pets, but playtime is his primary focus. He’s good with bigger cats too and with dogs and is very good at entertaining himself if everyone is occupied. He hasn’t yet been around children. In his iconic tabby coat of sunshine, with pale russet stripes and soft highlights of ivory, this bright-eyed, smiling charmer has the great good looks of a true classic to make him a picture-perfect gem of a boy! Could sunny-spirited, easy-to-love Oliver be your cherished tabbyman treasure?