Ace is available for adoption in an offsite foster home

Orange with white
14 weeks old

Meet awesome Ace who marches onto any scene in his sunny orange stripes and bright white running “shoes”, bringing his happy enthusiasm to everyone! He came to his foster home at 4 weeks old and joined his 8 foster siblings and was quickly designated the  life of the party! Romps, races, explorations, and every toy keep the fun rolling, but this high-spirited little hunk especially likes shoe strings and the laser dot! He hasn’t met any dogs or kids yet but makes friends easily. He appreciates any attention that comes his way and will interrupt any activity to be petted and loved on and share his wonderful motorboat purr! In his beautiful “marmalade” coat, he’s the most iconic of housetiger boy kitties, with a picture-perfect face with big green eyes that don’t miss a thing and a handsome golden tabby “M” adorning his fuzzy wuzzy forehead. Could purrasaurus Ace be the fun and affectionate new sparkle in your forever family?

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