Arlo is available for adoption in an offsite foster home

Brown with Gold
15 weeks old

Beautiful dark green eyes, a boopable brown velvet nose, and dramatic dark rippling stripes, all lightly dusted with glints of gold, make adorable Arlo a picture-purrfect boy! He’s always ready for action with his two bouncy brothers whether it’s snooping everywhere, performing their comical acrobatics, or zipping around in another game of bat-and-chase! As energetic and fun-loving as he is, he’s also always ready to be picked up for hugs and cuddles he craves, and you can always count on him bringing his big, happy purr with him! Though he hasn’t been around dogs or kids, he’s a very friendly and enthusiastic sweetheart, has great affection for his people and his brothers and impressive enthusiasm for every toy and every mealtime! He’s a perfectly handsome and sweetly affectionate classic brown tabby purrasaurus who is sure to be a delight in a forever family that loves him. Could darling Arlo be the great boy for you?

Littermates:  Adam, Alex
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