Adam has been adopted!


This little heart stealer is irresistible Adam, a bit shyer at first than his two brothers, but just as full of fun, and definitely a total sweetheart! With his baby face and bunny-soft, fuzzy wuzzy coat, he’s a true brown tabby classic, destined to be someone’s cuddly, purring treasure! Playtimes with his brothers are always energetic and full of kitten curiosity, with lots of bouncing and pouncing and happy hijinks! While he hasn’t been around dogs or children, he is friendly and easy-going and always ready for attention and affection. There’s enthusiasm in his purr, his appetite, his playtimes, and his great affection for his brothers and his people, all behind a loving gaze that is impossible to resist! Could this darling doll named Adam be the precious boy to bring his wide-eyed wonderfulness to the circle of your love?

Littermates:  Alex, Arlo