Alex has been adopted!

Black with White

Those adorable white feet belonging to sweet Alex love to run, hop, slide, pounce, and generally find adventure everywhere, especially when his two happy-go-lucky brothers are romping with him! His energy, acrobatic skills, and big curiosity are impressive and so is his equally impressive depth of affection for his people! Even his purr is boldly enthusiastic the second you scoop him up for hugs and pets! He’s front and center at mealtimes too, dancing on those velvety feet in boisterous anticipation! He hasn’t been around dogs or children, but he seems to have an open-hearted attitude towards all things new so far. His densely patterned tabby coat is soft and smooth in a handsome classic combination of grays, black, and bright white. A rosy pink nose and impish smile round out his great good looks! What a joyful vibe he is sure to bring to a loving forever home looking for a happy, affectionate tabbyman gem! Alex hopes you choose him!

Littermates:  Adam, Arlo