Henry has been adopted!

Grey with white

Handsome Henry is not only a debonnaire tabbyman dude in his stylish suit of grays and cloud white, he’s also a super sweet boy who is happy to quietly keep busy with his toys if you don’t have time to cuddle. He has been fostered with his four siblings in a great foster home where his stray mama fortunately brought them one by one to the front door. His play style is always gentle with his busy sibs, and he has gotten along well with small children. He doesn’t ask for much - just some hugs and head scratches, and a few simple toys, and you will be rewarded with his calm, sweet companionship and devotion. He’s beautifully marked from head to toes to tail, and has the cutest “short sleeves” of gray and a picture-perfect face with impressive ears, a rosy pink nose and smile, and beautiful gray green eyes. Could darling Henry find his happy forever in the circle of your love?

Littermates:  Coco, Honey Bun, Shiloh, Tummy