Honey Bun has been adopted!


Who could resist Honey Bun’s sweet-as-sugar face and those big, beautiful eyes? And who would guess that those gorgeous eyes love nothing more than to watch tv cozily cuddled right up with you?! He’s one sweetheart of a boy with four happy, playful siblings who were brought by their stray mother to a wonderful foster mom’s porch. What a smart mamacat! This lovable boy’s days are full of romps and kitten games, but if there’s a chance to share some couch potato time with you and your favorite programs, that will always be his first choice! He’s wonderfully companionable and also gets along well with small children. When it’s time to dine, no one has to ask this cutie twice to show up, and everyone who meets him feels the joy of his enthusiasm! His handsome and truly classic coat of sunny orange is bunny-soft and dusted with ivory, perfect for such a cuddlebug sweetheart of a boy. So tune in your favorite show, get a nice snack, and settle in with irresistible Honey Bun. He’s waiting for you!

Littermates:  Coco, Henry, Shiloh, Tummy