Adeline has been adopted!

Maine Coon Mix / Calico

Beautiful little mama Adeline once had a home, a warm bed and food, people to love her. But her humans failed to have Adeline spayed and when she was still just a very young cat she became pregnant and had 4 beautiful little kittens. Her owners moved from their apartment and decided that Adeline and her babies were too much of a responsibility so they left them outside and alone. Adeline did the best she could to care for her little ones, finding what food she could to keep them all alive. Eventually a kind neighbor contacted The Cat House on the Kings and Adeline and her babies were rescued just in time! Adeline's babies are now safe and happy in foster care and Adeline has been spayed to keep her healthy and happy as well! Adeline is sweet and loving, she adores pets and ear scratches! She loves to lay on the back of her humans chair while watching TV and when it's bedtime she loves to curl up beside her human and purr them to sleep! Adeline's story deserves a happy ending. Wouldn't you like to be her loving happily forever after?❣️

Child:  Anthony, Anya, Arwen, Atticus