Baxster is available for adoption in an offsite foster home

4 months old

Classic black tabby Baxster is the chattiest little lovebug among his batch of five sweethearts! His handsome, wide tabby forehead “M” and sugar-dipped lips are front-and-center when he climbs into your lap to sniff your face, with what appears to be a precious little smile! This darling guy loves people and other cats and is a happy, bouncy favorite in all the kitten romps and explorations with his lively sibs. His sweet little “meow” is his secret weapon to get your attention and is a perfect reflection of his loving, easy-going personality. Beautiful markings and that adorable face make him an irresistible little guy who’s sure to be a gorgeous big tabbyman someday! Wonderful Baxster hopes he’s the boy for you!

Littermates:  Belle, Benny, Chloe, Elsa
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