Elsa has been adopted!

Ragdoll Mix
Seal pt

Extra fuzzy wuzzy Elsa was a little shy at first but has come out of her shell to keep up with her brothers’ lively playtimes, chasing and racing and bringing her big curiosity to whatever they cook up. When it’s time to rest, she likes to curl up cozily with her sister, Belle, who has a special bond of love and support with her. It would be extra sweet if these two sisters are adopted together. This little beauty has also gotten along with bigger cats and has a great affection for her people. She’s like a soft, floofy little cloud, with palest fawn-colored ears, delicate markings, and gorgeous dark blue eyes the color of deep waters. Such a darling doll who is sweetly snoopy, irresistibly affectionate, and full of happy antics will be a joy in a family that adores her. Double joy for you if Belle can come too!

Littermates:  Baxster, Belle, Chloe