11 months old

Meet bouncy pouncy Benny, who’s not only super playful but the first one of his batch of five cuties to run up to his foster family when they come into his room. He’s extremely friendly and curious so everyone is his immediate friend and comical kitten explorations keep him happily occupied when there isn’t a playtime in full swing. This sweet boy is as affectionate as he is playful and loves every bit of attention that comes his way. Who could resist that adorable face and happy, loving spirit? A tabby classic cloud-soft silver gray coat with a light dusting of sugary white makes him a super handsome little dandy who approaches everything and everyone with an irresistible spring in his step! What could be happier than a huggable gray ball of love and fun to bring you instant joy! Darling Benny hopes he’s the perfect boy for you!

Littermates:  Baxster, Belle, Chloe, Elsa