Chloe has been adopted!

Maine Coon Mix / Torbie

Hippity hoppity Chloe is the most exuberant of her siblings and is particularly addicted to all feather toys! To say this extra fluffy darling is playful would be an understatement! Any and all fun with her brothers and sisters, bigger cats, and of course with her foster home’s loving people make this little doll’s beautiful eyes light up with eager enthusiasm and bouncy joy! She’s deeply affectionate and always super sweet, even in the midst of a rollicking playtime! Her face is picture-perfect with its bright white eyeliner, beautiful eyes, pert little sugar-dipped smile, and award worthy whiskers! What a sparkling jewel she is sure to be in a family that adores her. Could precious Chloe be the beloved treasure for you?

Littermates:  Baxster, Belle, Elsa