Tabby is available for adoption in an offsite foster home

16 weeks old

Who has the most stunning suit of gorgeous silky stripes? Picture-perfect, black and silver American tabby shorthair classic Tabby does! Her beautiful ensemble is the exquisite complement to her simply adorable face and big, innocent eyes! A pert little smile, white velvet feet, and lovely tail add up to a darling doll! But her elegant beauty is not her only claim to fame! Once she knows you her lovebug vibe will have her nuzzling your cheek, snuggling up for hugs and cuddles, and following you around the house. She loves to be near you, is good with older kids, but hasn’t met any dogs. She’s a happy, playful girl who has had three lively siblings to share the toys and make up the kitten games, making fun a part of every day. This precious jewel named Tabby is ready and waiting to be the adored addition in a great forever family. How about yours?

Mother: Abigail
Littermates:  Gabriella, Midnight, Pumpkin
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