Pumpkin has been adopted!

Manx / Tabby
Short Tail

Autumn orange Pumpkin is a mellow sweetheart who loves a bit of adventure and a bit of conversation! He will call you from another room if he feels a need for a little extra affection, but he has a gentlemanly presence whether he’s snuggling up with you, observing his siblings’ antics before he hops into the action, or is shmoozing the older kids in his foster family. He hasn’t met any dogs yet. From this sweet boy’s sugar-dipped smile to his bright white bib and fuzzy wuzzy toes, to his shorty sporty tail, he is the most classic of all iconic tabby treasures! This lovable little guy is sure to be a sunny charmer in a forever family that cherishes him. Pumpkin hopes he’s the precious gem for you!

Mother: Abigail
Littermates:  Gabriella, Midnight, Tabby