Buster has been adopted!

Grey with white

With his sugar-dipped smile, bib, tummy, and toes, it’s no surprise that handsome, striped tabbyman Buster is a super loving little guy. He’s done well with the dogs and other cats in his foster home, but his definite purr-eference is for sitting on your lap to be available for any opportunity to be snuggled. He’s a darling boy with a tiny, unique curl on the tips of his ears, a perfect complement to his sweet little smile. He’s happy to play with anything that rolls or bounces, but will abandon that for a cuddle every time! This sweetheart’s classic coat of rich pewter gray is easy-care, smooth, and bunny-soft, with the dandiest white striped “shirt sleeves”! When he gazes at you with his big, soulful eyes, his great lovebug personality shines through. With all he has to offer, could darling Buster be the beloved boy for you??  Buster seems to do fine with well behaved dogs.