Cappuccino has been adopted!


Cappuccino is the very definition of a super cuddly buff sweetheart of a boy! Sweet affection for his people and high-spirited fun with his four bouncy siblings are the hallmarks of his darling personality. He enjoys romps and races, comical kitten adventures and explorations, and every toy that rolls or bounces. As much as he enjoys his sibs and snuggles right up to his people, he is not fond of dogs and hasn’t met any children. A uniquely buff colored coat, soft as a cloud and dusted with ivory highlights, makes him a handsome little guy who is sure to be a gorgeous big guy someday. Who can resist those fuzzy ivory eyebrows and sugar-dipped smile? Adorable as he looks, it’s his deeply affectionate nature and happy spirit that will endear him to his very own loving forever family. Cappuccino hopes he’s the boy to warm your heart.

Littermates:  Arabella, Maximus, Sassy, Tiny Tink