Arabella has been adopted!


Active and adventurous Arabella is as lovable and beautiful as she is spirited and spunky! She’s a one-of-a-kind tortoiseshell treasure with lots of curiosity and bounce and pounce in all the happy antics with her four darling siblings! This great girl runs, races, and snoops, but her adventurous friendliness does not extend to dogs and she hasn’t met any kids. With her people there are fuzzy head boops and sweet cheek rubs and a snugglebug personality when the playtimes wrap up. A soft, smooth, cuddly coat of gold-dust-on-black and an unforgettable velvety nose and one little toe brushstroked with ivory make her an irresistible work of art! Could this classic tortie treasure, equal parts fun, affection, and exotic beauty, be the darling addition in your welcoming circle of love? Adorable Arabella hopes so!

Littermates:  Cappuccino, Maximus, Sassy, Tiny Tink