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10 months old

? Meet Bonnie, the Feathered Delight ?
In the enchanting realm of playful wonders, Bonnie reigns supreme as the feathered darling, a little ball of fur ready to dance into your heart. With a penchant for feather toys and a playful spirit that's contagious, Bonnie is more than just a kitten; she's a source of joy waiting to unfold.
Bonnies favorite pastime involves the graceful pursuit of feather toys and the lively chase of balls, turning every play session into a spectacle of feline grace. She's not alone in her adventures; Betsy, her feline sidekick and sister, is always by her side, creating a dynamic duo that's double the fun.
While Bonnie might be a tad shy, this only adds to her charm. New environments might require a bit of patience as she takes her time to adjust, but once she feels the warmth of love and care, Bonnies heart will surely blossom. Once she feels secure in a new home she will seek you out for attention and pets. She also enjoys crunchy treats.
In the ideal home, Bonnie would thrive with someone who appreciates the art of playfulness and can give her the time and space she needs to settle in. Whether you're a feather toy enthusiast or just looking for a new partner in crime, Bonnie is ready to steal your heart.
Don't miss the chance to welcome Bonnie into your home; her playful antics, love for feathered wonders, and the companionship of her sister Betsy make her the purr-fect addition to any family. Adopt Bonnie today, and let the delightful adventures of feline friendship begin!

Littermates:  Atlas, Betsy
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