Cat 25121 (Wasabi)'s adoption is in progress!

Sphynx (hairless cat)
3 years old

Meet Wasabi, our hairless dude! He is a super easy going fella and goes with the flow.  He's very sweet, loving, full of energy, and  enjoys being petted, oh and he's a talker! Not sure if he enjoys company of other cats or dogs. This handsome boy found his way to The Cat House on the Kings and he is a joy to have around.  We learned he was a neutered male and has suffered trauma to his ears, permanently folded down due to cartilage issues.  Regardless he deserves a loving caring home and we hope to find him that special place.

This breed is very high maintenance.  Wasabi will require an experienced cat owner, see attached care link:

Please note:

  • The adoption fee for Cat 25121 (Wasabi) is $300 (not subject to any discount or special offer).