Kitten 25149 (Trevor)

Siamese Mix
Lynx Point

Hollywood-handsome Trevor would love to be your fuzzy wuzzy heartthrob! Gorgeous as he is, it’s his deeply affectionate purrsonality that will win the hearts in a great forever home where this darling boy will be a pure joy! He loves people and adores attention, and is a talker who will let you know if his attention tank is running a little low. He also loves his happy siblings who keep the days hopping with plenty of high-spirited playtimes, and he also gets along well with cats. This silver-tipped, sapphire-eyed sweetheart is the happiest, lovingest cuddlebug ever and will be a perfect gem of a boy in a forever family that will adore him. Bouncing, buoyant lovebug Trevor would love to be your treasure!