Joey has been adopted!


Stripey sweetheart Joey is a tabbyman doll built compactly and known among his batch of five adorable boys as the one of them built for speed! Playing is his thing, and a good-natured sneak attack on a brother is a guarantee of a wild chase. Every toy is his instant favorite whether it rolls, flies, bounces, or crinkles, and every game is worthy of his best effort! He loves to be petted and talked to and have his velvety ears scratched, and his friendly personality has extended to bigger cats and a small dog. An irresistible kissy face, cloud-soft, pewter gray coat, perfectly applied stripes on his cheeks, chest, and adorable “sleeves”, make this tabby classic a true treasure! With his great good looks, spunky spirit, and lovable personality, adorable Joey will be a joy in a forever home as wonderful as he is. How about yours?

Littermates:  Jackson, Jake, Jeremy, Jesse