Atlas has been adopted!

Grey with White

This darling boy’s saucer-sized, soulful eyes are a purrfect reflection of his sweet heart. He’s ready to be the precious prized addition in a loving forever family and just asks that they have the bit of extra patience he may need to at ease in new surroundings. Once he feels secure he loves to be pet and willl purr with content. He will even reach for you to let you know he wants more love. Playtimes with his cutiepie sister, feather toys, and anything that rolls never fail to capture his full attention and bring out his delightfully spritely bounce and pounce! He has also gotten along with other cats and kittens in his foster home. Little smoky gray stripes on one of his “sleeves”, the sweetest little pink smile and nose, beautifully black lined eyes, velvety gray face “drapes”, and the softest ivory coat, make this lovable boy a classically handsome one too! Could gentle, adorable Atlas be the treasured gem for you?

Littermate:  Betsy