10 months old

Greer is a classic “ginger” in both beauty and spirit. She seems to know that being reddish orange and a girl gives her unique status since only a quarter of iconic orange kitties are girlies! So she has a saucy spring in her step, and makes her wishes known with a little extra air of confidence. Her foster mom says “she loves to be petted but not held too long, then is off to go about whatever business captures her fancy. She is very lovable and likes to calls the shots, but always in the sweetest way”. Being one of a bundle of seven siblings, she is a great playmate and especially likes to zip up the cat tree, then sleeps on the very top of the cat condo. She also gets along well with other cats and with dogs. Precious Greer hopes she’s the perfect personality to be your cherished treasure!

Littermates:  Cinnamon Roll, Croissant, Cupcake, Gage, Gibson, Gracee

Please note:

  • Greer(Mia) is ok with dogs