Howie is available for adoption in an offsite foster home

5 months old

Get ready to be charmed by the irresistibly friendly Howie, a pint-sized member of "The Fabulous Four" siblings eagerly seeking a forever home. Howie isn't just a cat; he's a bundle of joy wrapped in fur, with a heart as warm as his purrs.

Friendliness is Howie's superpower, and he has a knack for turning strangers into fast friends. This little ball of fur thrives on attention, and you can bet he'll be purring up a storm, creating a symphony of contentment wherever he goes. Howie's recipe for happiness is simple: toys to play with and a steady supply of delicious food, and he'll be the epitome of feline satisfaction. He’s good with others cats and a cat friendly dog. He is such a love bug but can also be independent at times.

If you're considering expanding your feline family, think about pairing Howie with the equally charming AJ or Brian. Together, they'll form a trio of mischief and merriment that will keep your home buzzing with joy. Howie's outgoing and brave nature truly shines once he feels comfortable in his surroundings, promising you a delightful companion ready for any adventure.

Don't miss the chance to make Howie a part of your family; his friendly demeanor, constant purring, and playful spirit are a winning combination. Adopt Howie today, and let the laughter and love begin!

Littermates:  AJ, Brian, Nick

Please note:

  • Howie is ok with dogs
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