Tuna/ Arthur

8 months old

Sweet little tabbyman Tuna swims merrily though his days between his lively siblings’ playtimes and every opportunity for lap time, complete with his wonderful purr! This handsome striped classic is as enthusiastic about boisterous romps and races as he is about snuggling down in a welcoming lap for cuddles and a cozy snooze! Having a friend in his new home would be awesome for his love of fun, as long as there’s enough room in a lap for his number one favorite passtime! It’s no surprise this sweetheart has also gotten along great with other cats and the well-behaved dogs in his excellent foster home. What a gem he is with his sugar-dipped smile and beautiful green eyes highlighting his iconic face with its pawsitively regal tabby forehead “M”! Fabulous Tuna hopes to soon leap right into the heart of a deeply loving home that knows he’s quite a special catch!

Littermates:  Benji Button, Charlie Brown, Lucy

Please note:

  • Tuna/ Arthur is ok with dogs