Boomer is available for adoption at our Blackstone Ave Petco Adoption Center

Domestic Long Hair
6 months old

Boomer: The Shenanigan Specialist** 
Enter Boomer, the mischievous maestro of black fur and boundless energy. Boomer is the chief instigator of shenanigans, never missing an open cupboard or closet door and possessing a Ph.D. in shoe rearrangement. Meal times? Boomer is the first to the feast! Raised with other cats, kittens, and a small dog, Boomer brings a whirlwind of fun and antics to any fur-mily. Brace yourself for laughter and adopt Boomer, the purr-petrator of joy!

Littermates:  Bianca, Bijou

Please note:

  • Boomer is ok with dogs
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