Dumpling has been adopted!

Siamese Mix
Lynx pt

Adorable Dumpling is a blue-eyed boy who has a super sweet personality to match his super handsome appearance! From his classic Siamese markings to his darling white velvet toes, this fuzzy wuzzy little gentleman couldn’t be more picture-perfect! But his real claim to fame is his great talent as an irresistible cuddlebug! He’s charmingly friendly and out-going, and he likes kids, but he hasn’t met any dogs. Since he has four hippity hoppity brothers and sisters, happy, busy playtimes are a big part of his kittenhood days. Darling Dumpling would love to gaze at you with those gorgeous eyes as he snuggles in to be cuddled and loved on. Don’t delay! The Dumpling is waiting!

Littermates:  Bug, Nala, Tiny