Tiny's adoption is in progress!

Black White feet
5 months old

Meet petite purrbug Tiny, a little but mighty tabby darling! She’s never rough but does love to play, and has four lively siblings who always keep the good times rolling! You’ll find her in the middle of every game and kitten adventure, but she can be counted on to always be kind and sweet. She’s also very good with kids but hasn’t been around dogs. Her beautiful coat is bunny-soft and dense, with perfect ivory white markings highlighting big, luminous eyes and a sweet little smile! An elegant set of beautiful white whiskers and adorable “ballet slippers” make her a picture of purrfection! Could this lovable tabby treasure named Tiny be the precious girl for you?

Littermates:  Bug, Dumpling, Nala, Spooky

Please note:

  • Tiny is ok with small children