Bug's adoption is in progress!

5 months old

Beautiful tabbygirl Bug is the purrfect balance of fun and affection! This sweetheart truly is a cuddly loveBug full of kitten curiosity, the extra friendly one among her batch of five bouncy, out-going cuties! She and her sibs explore every nook and cranny, play hide and seek, romp and race, and enjoy every toy. But for her nothing is better than sweet cuddles any time they come her way! Her soft, silky attire has classic dramatic dark stripes, a striking black velvet “necklace”, and a picture-perfect greeting card face! This great little girlie is very good with kids but hasn’t been around dogs. Could happy, snuggly Bug be the beloved addition for you?

Littermates:  Dumpling, Nala, Spooky, Tiny

Please note:

  • Bug is ok with small children