Spooky is not ready for adoption

Domestic Short Hair
6 months old

This little black jewel is Spooky - and a sweeter, cuddlier darling would be hard to find. Even though she’s a bit shy, thus her name, she really likes kids and of course her four spritely siblings, but she hasn’t met dogs. Playtimes are full of kitten hijinks and lively curiosity, and every toy, new or old, is a favorite! In her velvety black coat she’s a standout among her brothers and sisters and the first one to look for a cozy cuddle. That’s not surprising since black kitties have a reputation for being the lovingest! She’s sure to be the sweetest joy in a forever family that cherishes and protects her. Could this polished-to-perfection, sweet-as-sugar cuddlebug named Spooky be your darling doll?

Littermates:  Bug, Dumpling, Nala, Tiny

Please note:

  • Spooky is ok with small children