Gizmo has been adopted!


? Gizmo: The Zoomie King with a Heart of Gold ?

Meet Gizmo, the whirlwind of fur and fun who's been ruling his foster home with his brother Gadget for approximately four months. These dynamic duos have made themselves right at home, leaving no corner unexplored and no toy unturned!

Gizmo is the embodiment of energy, zooming through the house at the speed of a cheetah on caffeine. He's a play machine, dedicating a whopping 90% of his time to games and antics and the other 10% to eating and resting—because even superheroes need their downtime!

But don't be fooled by his wild antics; Gizmo is a fun-loving feline with a heart of gold. He's a master hunter, chasing after his mouse and soft toys with the precision of a jungle predator. Sneak attacks on his brother? They're his specialty!

When it's playtime with the kids, Gizmo's in his element. Whether they're teasing him with a wand or dragging a string through the house, he's ready for action and adventure. However, as much as he adores human company, Gizmo prefers not to be picked up or pet for too long. He's a free spirit who thrives on his own terms.

In a home with older children and small dogs, Gizmo would feel right at home, especially if he gets to be with his beloved brother Gadget. Together, they're the ultimate dynamic duo, ready to bring joy, laughter, and a whole lot of zoomies to their forever family!

Are you ready to welcome Gizmo into your life, where every day is an adventure filled with love and laughter? Adopt Gizmo, and prepare to embark on the wildest ride of your life! ??

Littermate:  Gadget