Ares has been adopted!


Adorable Ares is a sweet, smoky gray, fluffbug of a boy whose favorite thing is a great cuddle! This cutiepie is brother to three busy, adoring sisters who never run out of playtime ideas and know that he can’t resist chasing jinglebell balls or the laser pointer. He’s an happy little guy who also gets along well with other kittens, cats, and older or quiet children. He’s a bit cautious at first, but as soon as you start petting him, his purr motor revs up and is the loudest around! When he isn’t playing or getting cuddled, you’ll find him adorably curled up in his cat bed or soaking up rays in a sunny window. Could fuzzy fuzzy purrbug Ares be the beloved boy in your forever family?

Littermates:  Athena, Calliope, Hera