Timothy's adoption is in progress!

8 months old

Meet brown tabby classic, Timothy, attired in an iconic striped suit of debonnaire grays, who has a nose for fun and a heart for affection! A distinguished tabby forehead “M” crowns his handsome face, with its smile that looks like it was dipped in the sugar bowl and big, luminous eyes that will melt your heart and never miss whatever is going on! Even his handsome stripes are impressive, especially the one adorning his fuzzy wuzzy chest like kitty jewelry! Beyond his good looks he’s a happy, high-spirited boy who loves his beautiful sisters, and gets along with big cats too and a small dog. He loves to have fun and then snuggle up for cuddles and ear scratches and a nice snooze! This tabbysaurus treasure nicknamed Tim is a charmer through and through and sure to be a great addition in a wonderful home where he’s adored! How about yours?!

Littermates:  Tawny, Trixie

Please note:

  • Timothy is ok with dogs