Domestic Short Hair
4 months old

The Ink Blot Babies are bouncing on their fuzzy wuzzy feet in anticipation of wonderful, protective forever homes! Each one of these six - (yes six!) matching dolls is as velvety black and silky soft from head to toes as the next in their adorable line-up. Oh, my! How to choose?! irresistible Raven is the perfect balance of playful energy and gentle affection. She loves to cuddle with her siblings, the other cats, and especially the friendly dog, and loves all the attention and snuggling of every person she meets! Because she loves lively playtimes too, it would be wonderful if she had another kitten to grow up with. Darling Raven is a super friendly, happy, and gentle sweetheart who hopes to make her indelibly loving mark on the hearts of a family who will cherish and protect her. How about yours!

Mother: Eevee
Littermates:  Luna, Siren, Winston Boy

Please note:

  • Raven is ok with dogs