Siren has been adopted!

Domestic Short Hair

She’s black as a deep night sky, sweet as sugar, one of the matching set of six Ink Blot Babies, and her name is Siren! This super friendly little sprite loves playtimes with her lively siblings and every toy, especially when the laser pointer comes out to play, and gentle romps and races and kitten adventures fill the days! Having another happy kitten to grow up with would be wonderful for her. She also snuggles right up to her foster home’s cat friendly dog and has also gotten along well with the bigger cats. Every person she’s met is her immediate friend, and all affection that comes her way makes her warm little heart sing! It’s thought by many that black kitties are the lovingest! A silky suit of glossy black makes this beautiful housepanther darling a picture-purrfect classic. Precious Siren is perfect in every way and would adore bringing her loving and lively spirit to a family that will cherish and protect her. How about yours?

Mother: Eevee
Littermates:  Luna, Winston Boy