Nugget has been adopted!

Ragdoll Mix
Seal Pt.

Hi! I am Nugget! I am an adorable fluffy boy who loves pets and cuddles.  I am shy when I first meet cats and people, but give me time and I will be your bestest buddy in the world!  Unless you are a dog, then just no.  I love me my food, give me lots of dry, wet, and treats, and I will live up to my name.  I am very talkative and opinionated , and will file my complaints vocaly.  When I get comfortable I will become a beach kitty and lay about on the floor waiting for pets.  I do love my bestest buddy Edwardo, so be sure to check him out so that we might be together. Love me, Feed me, Don't ever leave me, and let me love you forever.  Can't wait to meet you.