Anchovy is available for adoption in an offsite foster home

Domestic Short Hair
1 year old

? Anchovy: The Nurturing Mom with a Heart of Gold ?Anchovy is not just a beautiful cat; she's also a devoted mother who recently welcomed three precious kittens into the world—Bruno, Fluffy, and Junie. From the moment they were born, Anchovy took on the role of caregiver with grace and tenderness, ensuring they were well-fed, groomed, and loved.
 With her sleek black fur and eyes that gleam like golden orbs, Anchovy cuts a striking figure that's impossible to ignore. This easygoing girl has a heart of gold and isn't shy about showing her affection. Whether it's with gentle leg rubs or the occasional head bump, Anchovy never fails to make her presence known.While she may not be a huge fan of being held in arms for too long, she'll allow it briefly before returning to her independent ways. Anchovy is a social butterfly who gets along famously with our resident cat, making her a wonderful addition to any feline-friendly home.When it comes to playtime, she's a big fan of toys attached to a wand or a playful cat dancer, showcasing her playful spirit and boundless energy.
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Child:  Bruno, Fluffy, Junie
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