Kitten 25450 (Echo) is available for adoption

Orange white on face
5 months old

Sweet orange Echo will cheerfully follow you everywhere. That’s because he has a big curiosity, knows he’s likely to randomly encounter anything he considers to be a toy, and always hopes there is a possibility that you may have time to scoop him up for the cuddles he loves to get! Every toy is his instant favorite, from rolling ones to bouncing or flying ones. Just comically snooping around can also keep this easy-going guy pretty entertained! His silky, polished coat of russet, rippling stripes and darling tabbyman face with its sweet, sugar-dipped smile and beautiful topaz eyes make him a super handsome example of the most iconic “orange marmalade” tabby! Could happy, handsome, snuggly Echo be your darling new addition?

March 2, 2024
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