Alvin is available for adoption at our Blackstone Ave Petco Adoption Center

5 months old

With his brightly highlighted eyes and sugar-kissed smile, rascally orange Alvin looks like the character he is! He and his five sweet siblings were found alone, hungry, cold, and scared but were placed in a wonderful foster home where they were named after the famous movie chipmunks and chipettes and settled into abundant care and comfort. This great little guy is full of bounce and pounce and personality that makes lively playtimes and every kind of toy his favorite things! When everyone is ready for a nap, even his siblings ears and tails make wonderful toys until he conks out for a cozy, curled up, orange boy snooze! An affectionate nature means he’s always ready to be scooped up for a cuddle until he’s distracted by the next bit of silliness and fun. He’s the most iconic of kitties in his sunny striped suit with an irresistibly happy-go-lucky personality and is sure to be a loving delight in a family that treasures him. Alvin would adore being your beloved orange boy!

Littermates:  Brittany, Eleanor, Jeanette, Simon, Theodore
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