Eleanor is available for adoption at our Blackstone Ave Petco Adoption Center

4 months old

Little kissy face Eleanor is a classic purrbug extraordinaire with the calmest most zen-like purrsonality of her orphaned batch of six adorable sweethearts. They were all found hungry, alone, cold, and scared but blossomed in their wonderful foster home where they were all named after the chipmunks and chipettes of movie fame! Eleanor knows how to hoot it up in all their comical kitten games and adventures, but her first choice for a purrfect day is time spent in the cozy cuddle of a welcoming lap or perched asleep on a slumbering someone’s nice tummy! Her sweet little face with its sugary highlights and luminous eyes are hard to resist any time you have time for a snuggle! With her darling disposition of calmness and affection, velvety Eleanor will be the most purrfect addition in a home where she is cherished. How about yours?

Littermates:  Alvin, Brittany, Jeanette
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Questions about Eleanor? Please call our Petco adoption center at (559) 222-0228 or e-mail petcoadoptions@cathouseonthekings.com