Kitten 25542 (Rania) is not ready for adoption

Domestic Short Hair
Black and White
5 months old

Meet beautiful little Rania, as sleek and classy a girly-girl as her name implies! Whether she’s “on the runway” scampering after rolling jinglebell balls, leaping like a tiny, furry ballerina to catch any dangling toy, or languishing elegantly to be pampered in a cozy lap, she is simply a jewel! And with four high-spirited siblings, it’s no surprise that happy romps and silly tussles keep her in top competitive form! This picture-perfect doll is dressed to impress in a dense, cloud-soft ensemble of deep dove black accessorized with a pristine bib of bright snowy white and the softest, velvetiest prancing white feet! Beautiful dark eyes give her a little air of mystery. Such a gorgeous girl, whose as lovable as she is fun-loving, will be a gem in a great forever home. Frolicsome cuddlebug Rania hopes she’s the irresistible darling for you!