Simba is available for adoption in an offsite foster home

Domestic Short Hair
Black and White
14 weeks old

Simba: The Charming Kitten

Introducing Simba, a charming kitten with a striking white coat accented by patches of black, especially on her tail and the adorable black mark by her chin. His clear grey-green eyes are a window to her curious and affectionate soul. Simba is playful and loves exploring his surroundings, always ready for a game with his toys. He enjoys being petted and cuddled, often rewarding his humans with sweet kisses. Raised alongside other kittens and dogs, Simba is well-socialized and gets along splendidly with everyone. Simba’s playful spirit and loving nature make him an ideal companion for any home. Invite Simba into your heart, and you'll gain a lifelong friend who loves to play and snuggle!

Mother: Kiara
Littermates:  Irma patio BB 3, Nala
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