Nala is available for adoption in an offsite foster home

15 weeks old


Nala: The Enchanting Kitten

Meet Nala, a delightful kitten with a unique blend of soft white fur underneath and lovely grey on top. Her distinctive black mark on her nose and captivating clear grey-light green eyes make her truly enchanting. Nala is the epitome of playful energy, chasing balls, strings, and stuffed toys with boundless enthusiasm. This sweet girl thrives on attention and adores being petted and hugged, often responding with the most adorable kisses. Having been fostered with other kittens and dogs, she gets along wonderfully with everyone. Nala is full of joy and warmth, making her the perfect addition to any loving home. Bring Nala into your family, and you'll be enchanted by her sweet kisses and playful spirit every day!

Mother: Kiara
Littermates:  Irma patio BB 3, Simba
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