Jeb is available for adoption in an offsite foster home

Domestic Short Hair
Gray and White
16 weeks old

Jeb: The Cuddly Explorer
Meet Jeb, the sweetest kitten who loves to cuddle on his own terms. This curious little explorer is always ready to investigate new places, making every day an adventure. Jeb's not just a pretty face—he’s also quite the chatterbox, eager to announce his presence and be the first in line for pets.
With his soft grey fur, striking black markings, and a white belly that extends to his paws, Jeb is a stunning sight to behold. His eyes, which look like little grey gems, add to his captivating charm. If you’re looking for a kitten who’s not just curious and affectionate but also ready to steal your heart, Jeb is your purr-fect match! Take this little explorer home, and let the adventures—and cuddles—begin!

Littermates:  Boom Boom, Bossy, Game
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