Dooley is available for adoption in an offsite foster home

Brown White Paws
4 months old

Dooley: The Dashing Tabby Dynamo
Meet Dooley, a charming tabby boy with a distinctive white nose and boots made for running and jumping. His yellow, earthy-toned eyes are always full of curiosity and mischief. Dooley loves his spring toys and catnip mouse, and he'll be right in your face at mealtime to make sure you don't forget his food! Raised with other cats, kittens, and a small dog, Dooley is well-socialized and ready to bring his playful energy to a loving home. Adopt Dooley and let his lively spirit brighten your days!

Littermates:  Darren, Delia, Dizzy, Donovan, Dylan

Please note:

  • Dooley is ok with dogs
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