Mowgli is available for adoption in an offsite foster home

15 weeks old

Mowgli: The Spunky Furball
Meet Mowgli, a tiny furball bursting with spunk and charm! Despite needing a bit more space from siblings at times, Mowgli is incredibly loving and affectionate. This little one has had some exposure to dogs, so she's familiar with furry companions of all kinds.
Mowgli's fur is a delightful mix of dark grey on top, with lighter shades gracing her head, chest, and paws, creating a contrast that adds to her irresistible cuteness. Her eyes, a soft shade of grey, perfectly complement her fluffy appearance.
This baby furball is ready to bring joy and cuddles into a loving home. If you're looking for a playful yet affectionate companion who will melt your heart with every purr and playful bounce, Mowgli is eager to become a part of your family adventure!

Littermates:  Bagheera, Baloo bear, Chester, Diva, Houdini, Popeye

Please note:

  • Mowgli is polydactyl.
  • Mowgli is ok with dogs and small children
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