Bagheera is available for adoption in an offsite foster home

Domestic Short Hair
16 weeks old

Bagaheera: The Majestic Panther
Introducing Bagaheera, a black cat whose presence is as commanding as it is captivating! This feline is not just any ordinary kitty—he exudes an air of majesty with his sleek black coat and piercing grey eyes. His pointy ears add to his regal appearance, making him a standout in any room.
Bagaheera is affectionately described as aggressively affectionate—once he sets his sights on you, he won't stop until he gets the love and attention he craves. While he adores companionship, he may be best suited for homes with older children and experienced cat owners who understand his playful nature, as he can sometimes get overstimulated and give love bites.
Having had exposure to dogs, Bagaheera is no stranger to canine friends. His majestic presence and loving nature make him a wonderful addition to a family looking for a charismatic and affectionate companion. If you're ready to welcome a cat with both charm and a bit of wildness into your home, Bagaheera is eager to claim his place in your heart.

Littermates:  Baloo bear, Chester, Diva, Houdini, Mowgli, Popeye

Please note:

  • Bagheera needs a home with no young children.
  • Bagheera is ok with dogs
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