Baloo bear is available for adoption in an offsite foster home

15 weeks old

Baloo: The Affectionate Kitchen Companion
Meet Baloo, a kitty with a special affinity for cuddles and attention! He loves nothing more than being held and will happily follow you around, especially when he's craving some quality time together. Baloo has a unique fondness for the kitchen, perhaps hoping for a tasty treat or simply enjoying the hustle and bustle of meal preparation.
With exposure to dogs, Baloo is comfortable around canine friends. His light grey fur and matching eyes add to his gentle and calming presence. Whether he's curling up in your lap or playfully exploring his surroundings, Baloo is sure to bring warmth and companionship to your home.
If you're seeking a loving companion who will be your loyal kitchen buddy and cuddle partner, Baloo is ready to fill your days with affection and joy. Adopt Baloo today and discover the endless love of this sweet and charming kitty!

Littermates:  Bagheera, Chester, Diva, Houdini, Mowgli, Popeye

Please note:

  • Baloo bear is ok with dogs and small children
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