Joaquin is available for adoption at our Blackstone Ave Petco Adoption Center

Tabby / Domestic Medium Hair
6 months old

**Joaquin: The Spunky Adventurer** ?
Meet Joaquin, a rambunctious and spunky kitten who’s full of life and curiosity! With his ashy brown fur adorned with black stripes and a deep, captivating stare, Joaquin is a true little explorer.
Joaquin is always on the move, trying to crawl into any open space he can find. His adventurous spirit knows no bounds! Despite his love for exploration, he’s incredibly affectionate and loves to shower his humans with attention.
Whether he’s pouncing on a new toy or snuggling up for some quality cuddle time, Joaquin brings a burst of energy and joy wherever he goes. This animated little guy is the perfect mix of curious and cuddly.
If you’re ready for a kitten who’s as adventurous as he is affectionate, Joaquin is your perfect match. Adopt him today and let the adventures begin!

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